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Welcome to the official launchpad for my publications!

Here, individuals are able to see and purchase my books directly from their designated retailers. This page encompasses both my own individual work (i.e: publications either written, illustrated or otherwise independently published by myself), as well as collaborative projects produced throughout time. Disclaimer: individual credit will be given accordingly depending on the said project and/or publication.

All projects are organized accordingly per blocks, and representation of each individual author/artist is given his/her respective representation.

Sebastian Schug

Sebastian Robert Schug/Nicolas M. Parker (born February 25th, 1998) is an independent American author, illustrator, publisher, and novelist currently residing in suburban Burbank, California. Beginning his illustrative career at the early age of fourteen jumpstarted by author Rene Ghazarian’s The Adventures of Daniel, he has since gone on to become the main author, illustrator, and publisher of numerous works, series, as well as further collaborations with other individuals. Currently, he attends California State University, Northridge, studying Political Science, as well as Art and Law. He is the founder and current webmaster of the internet forum Itsonthehousekid.

Just Desserts

Glass Cannon

Fratty Daddy

Take Your Ex Out For a Steak Dinner

Theatard: Thoughts, Confessions, & Unsettling Inquiries from a Disabled Theatre Employee

Silent Rob

Nicolas M. Parker (Pen-Name)

The Bigots’ Guide to Self-Worth


Courtesy Jerk

Rene Ghazarian

Rene Ghazarian was born in France, although was raised in Detroit, Michigan. Before graduating high school, his family moved to Los Angeles, California, where he finished his education and began his career in teaching. After his retirement from his position as an elementary school teacher, Rene wishes/wished to provide an opportunity for children to experience the world around them both near and far through children’s books. Many students did not have access to said opportunity, Rene quotes, and due to this sole reason, he continues to open up the world to younger audiences through insightful, engaging, and most importantly, colorful stories to boot!

The Adventures of Daniel

Carl Jablonski

Carl is a retired management professional with a career in cost control and show-estimating. These experiences include international projects for Walt Disney Imagineering, LucasArts Attractions, Renaissance Fairs, Clokey Productions, and NBC Studios among others. He has both a BA and MA in Theatre Arts, scenic and lighting design, and is retired with his spouse of 47 years Alison. He is a retired English teacher in Huntington Beach, California.

Chloe and Her Crooked Ears

Chloe Friedman

Residing in Jackson, Wyoming, Chloe Friedman is an independent author simply set to make a drastic difference in both the literary and online feminist communities through, ironically speaking, a staunch conservative approach. She holds an M.A in Gender Studies from Northwest College, and an in-progress B.A in World History.

The Official Guide to Understanding Radical Feminism

Ben Stern

Benjamin (Ben) Stern is an aspiring musician, content creator, and avid traveler. He is currently the lead drummer for the startup band Wise. 

Pablo Cisneroz

Pablo Cisneroz is a seasoned writer, editor, and journalist residing in San Francisco, California. At an early age, photography of the human body became the center of inspiration of both visual and written perspectives expressed in the form of editorials, blogs, and other such outlets in order to publish his content. His newly debuted photographic satire, Yet Another Nude Art Book, hope to create dialogue within the debated topic of what objectively “classifies art in society.” Cisneroz is a Junior at San Francisco State University studying Creative Writing.

Terrence J. Wright

Terrence J. Wright was both born and raised in Reno, Nevada under traditional conservative values. Though speaking from a personal standpoint, he attempts to not let politics get the better of him in conversation and instead lets his hard-driven satire express the point better. Wright currently attends the University of Nevada, Reno with an in-progress Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. He is also a brother of Theta Chi, holding his chapter’s webmaster position.

Shavonda Robinson

Shavonda Robinson is the author of many black poetic novellas, works of fiction, and respective literature. She possesses a degree in Creative Writing, as well as the founder of “Create Something For the Future,” an online poetry magazine for upcoming poets and writers. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee and has two beautiful children.

Anthony Castro-Segura

A lover of teaching, charity work, and his many pets, Anthony Castro-Segura is a friend first, and an educator second. He believes that through open hearts, we as a society can achieve anything!

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